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​The Hardest Working Woman in Whittier, Maggie Moe

From the Campaign of Magdalena Barragnon Moe

April 10, 2024

Dear Friends,

I would like to sincerely congratulate my opponent and new Whittier City Council Member, Mary Ann Pacheco, on her victory. On behalf of myself and all of the candidates running for election to serve District One, I look forward to uniting behind Council Member Pacheco to restore justice and serve the needs of our community.

I look forward to continuing the efforts to make certain that Council District One receives its fair share of municipal resources. God willing, we will unite to continue to fight for everything that makes our community great!

I wish success and good fortune to our newly elected Council Member, Pacheco. Mary Ann, you can count on me to stand by you when you need my help!

Your Friend and Constituent, Magdalena Barragnon Moe

Congratulations on your win!

Sincerely Yours,

Magdalena Barragnon Moe


Maggie is Endorsed by:

  • Congressperson Grace Napolitano

  • Doris Lau (Vice President of NTEU)

  • Feel the Bern and Stonewall of LA County

  • LA Homeowners and Renters Association

The Hardest Working Woman in Whittier, Maggie Moe

Hello, allow me to introduce myself, I'm Magdalena Barragnon Moe, and I humbly ask for your support and vote on April 9, 2024, for City Council District 1. Since High School, I have been involved in the Community - for over 45 years. A short list of my recent involvement over the last few years includes:

  • Whittier Sunrise Rotary - President

  • Whittier Regional Symphony - Vice President

  • East Whittier Music and Art Foundation - Board Member

  • Whittier for Concerned Citizens - President


My Vision for Whittier

Whittier Base Employment Plan

Any business that doest business within the city of Whittier that hires 5 or more full time employees or 7 or more part timers shall hire 15% or more of the residents of Whittier. Or 15% thereafter the City itself shall employ a minimum of 30% of the residents of Whittier

Family Day Care

Any working family who earns $39,000 a year or less shall be provided with day care service

Increase the Manpower in Public Works

Increase to full staffing of Public Works and update and modernize all equipment for more efficiency, for faster results in our community

Develop a Commission on Aging

The Commission shall act in the interests of the elderly on all issues that pertain to the elderly

Develop a Commision on Ethics

The Ethics Commission has the authority and power to investigate, charge and collect a levy. All departments within the city. The Ethics Department has the authority to any entity who wishes to do business with the city over $1,000 must register with the Ethics Commission (this includes consultants and agents acting on behalf of others) - and includes individuals who wish to do business.

Medical and Housing

Able to provide medical resources to the community and must provide low cost housing for poor or low income families. It must have a plan for emergencies.

Districts Guarantee Funding

The city should have equal funding for each District. Any District falling into disrepair shall apply for more resources out of the general fund.

Environmental Commissioner

Create a stwardship and preservation of the City and our natural resources by seeking out emerging issues and developing long term policies regarding goverment, our citizens and stakeholders, buidling awareness about the issues. Promote sustainable environmental development.

Traffic Commission

Whittier does not have a Traffic Commission! It will help to review traffic issues and recommend changes or modifications to the City Council.

Citizen Committee on Homeless

The committee must put an action plan together within 90 days of its development.


Leadership begins with accountability. Magdalena Barragnon Moe is the right choice for District 1


Magdalena Barragnon Moe has been involved and continues to be a part of our community for many years. See how


Get involved, host a coffee night or fund raiser, phone bank, walk precincts or advertise your support


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  • Maggie has built a successful business, raised a family and exercised a lifetime of service to the community of Whittier

  • Maggie served as the former President and continues to serve as a current Board Member of the Whittier Sunrise Rotary

  • Maggie has proudly worked with the Whittier Regional Symphony

  • Maggie has worked with the Whittier Voter Coalition






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